8 Ball Pool v4.2.0 MEGA MODS [+3 ver]

Looking for rights!
Do you know that if you have installed CHIT applications on your phone, you can be banned from billiards for this?
And not necessarily to use them! You are banned just for the fact that you have them!
Since in billiards there is a scanner for the presence of popular cheats.
With the help of Xposed Installer.
We make it so that the billiard does not see the installed cheats and does not ban an account.
First we install Billiards and cheat !!!!!
Install Xposed.
1. Download the installer Xposed Installer ® Xposed, install as a normal application, open Xposed.
2. Open the “Framework” section, click the “Install / Update” button, after some
time from SU (program of the superuser) comes a request for the provision of Xposed Installer root-rights,
choose “allow”.
3. At the end of the installation, a message appears about the need to reboot the device,
Click “OK” and reboot the device.
If you did not reboot, then we reboot ourselves manually.
4. After successful loading of the system, go to Xposed, in the “Framework” section, and see that the numbers
versions of app_process and XposedBridge.jar are green. Everything was successfully established, you can put
the modules you need. If the numbers are red, then Xposed is not installed correctly or you do not
reboot the device.
5. Now click the link to download XPrivacy (will be under the word Download)
6. Install the downloaded XPrivacy module.
7. After installing the module, run the xposed installer, open the “Modules” section, and tick the required XPrivacy module.
8. Reboot the phone.
9. Run your XPrivacy module.
10. Go to the Parameters and remove all the checkmarks as in the picture and click the Save button (in the form of a floppy disk)
11. Now we poke a finger in our billiards.
12. And put a tick in:
——– System (installed applications)
13. Then we reveal the same line, and inside we tick EVERYWHERE.
14. All close.
15. Now we go in
Phone settings,
Application Manager,
8 Ball Pool,
and click on the Clear data button.
16. All close and restart the phone.
17. Go to the game under your account and play.
Now you will not be banned for having cheats on your phone.
Tip or Advanced Setup.
Open the XPrivacy application,
Click at the top of the menu digging (in the form of three points).
Click on the word Template.
A window will open.
In it from the top will be selected by default.
Now remove all the checkmarks and points
turn out like that.
(remove All, to the end of the list!)
We press the word Done.
Now you can close everything, ready.
I will explain why this is necessary.
Since we now have the XPrivacy program on our phone,
then when installing new applications and games, it will automatically restrict their rights.
And because of this, it is likely that they will not work correctly.
And having made such a setting, programs and games will be installed and work as usual, normally.
And if there is a need to restrict some application rights, then we will do it ourselves manually.

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