安迪.你的這個版本我發現到有趣的事情.你所設定敵我雙方傷害1 .要使用好友角色來進行攻擊.但我測試了很久.都只有傷害1
而我使用四星步槍.以及五星RPG角色.再搭配特定裝備 .傷害就會提高好幾倍
其餘的武器 像是狙擊槍 我測試很久.傷害都一樣只有1
由於這傷害在協力站上面過於明顯 我就不說怎搭配了
Andy, I found something interesting in your version. The damage you set for both sides of the enemy and ourselves is 1. Attacks should be made using the role of a good friend. But I’ve been testing for a long time. All damage is 1.
And the use of male protagonists. Only equipped with weapons. The remaining empty average damage 20,000
And I use four-star rifles, five-star RPG characters, and specific equipment. Damage can be multiplied several times.
The rest of the weapons are like sniper guns. I’ve been testing them for a long time. The damage is the same as 1.
Because the damage is too obvious on the pool station, I won’t say how to match it.
Others use the hero’s 20,000 injuries to fight.
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