[HELP] Changing the Menu in an App

Hey all,
I’m trying to make a modification to the application periscope. When viewing a normal broadcast, the menu has an option called “Share Broadcast” and when you click that the options show: Post on Twitter, Share with all followers, Copy URL
But when viewing a private broadcast, the share broadcast menu is hidden. What I want to do is make that menu still show (the only option I need is “copy URL” so whether I can just show that or all options doesn’t matter)
I can see where the menu is in the code, but cannot see any logic where it decides to show the menu or not.
I have the app decompiled if anyone is able to take a quick look and help point me in the right direction:
If you arent familiar with the app, the menu items on a normal broadcast is like this:
broadcast details
share bordascast
rewteet on twitter
give super
hide chat
report broadcast
and a private broadcast like so:
broadcast details
hide chat
report broadcast

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