Three Pole Justice v3.0.0 (Mod Apk)

Three Pole Justice

Three Pole Justice v3.0.0 (Mod Apk) ◇ ◆ Synopsis ◆ ◇
2038. Japan is trying to regain the glory that was lost by lifting lifescience from the declining birthrate and population reduction, mass-producing excellent citizens from the factory.
The neighboring countries strongly opposed this, supporting the anti-government forces, the civil war in Japan began.
2040. In a situation where both of them are invisible without looking forward, an international criminal organization which is a new force appears.
Government organizations that have “strong Japan”, anti-government forces opposing it, international criminal groups that are confused by turmoil, conflict by these three forces caused further muddy, Japan has a celestial civil war in the future.
In the world where infinitely human beings are made, the front line sticks, no one lamenting death any longer.
I will push forward to Japan’s tomorrow where three powers are not possible.
◇ ◆ System ◆ ◇
With Sanja, multiplayer × strategy × refreshing action!
Kimi decides the future “Japan contest! War Spring Strategy “here! !
【Battlefield & battle / Battle kill and battle on the battlefield】
Stage capture with battle! Expand your position on the battlefield! Let’s gather to “justice” and cooperate with friends! !
★ 3 minute assault war experience! Exhilarating shooting action with simple operation!
★ 3 camps confused battlefields! Collaborate with your friends and grab victory!
★ Let’s invite friends and fight together!
【Scenario / original story to spell with friends】
A group picture of a fighting boys and girls by Yoshi Shibamura. The fate of boys and girls changes according to the result of battle.
★ San Juan scenario is distributed weekly! History changes according to the victory of the camp and the war situation. Do you go through justice! What?
★ Different stories for each camp. Please beware of the constantly changing game situation!
【Customize / fortification machine (robot) and stage also customize strategy】
Customize attack and defense stages according to war situation, strategy! Soldiers x fortresses x Weapons and strategies are infinite!
★ Focus on mobility? Attack power emphasis? Let’s make original strategy with fortress customization!
★ Build the strongest base in stage edit on the battlefield! I also thought of the enemy’s disturbance!
◇ ◆ Creators ◆ ◇
[Worldview Supervision, Scenario] Hiroyuki Shibamura
[Art Director] Inoue Junya
[Sound] Namiki
[General Director] Tsunehiko Ikeda
◇ ◆ luxury voice actors appearing ◆ ◇
Satoshi Tomokazu, Ueda Kana, Uchida Ai, Tamura Shozo, Abe Ryozo, Abe Riezo, Tachibana Rika, Maekawa Ryoko, Nogami Sho, Yashiro Taku, Izawa Shiori, Maeda Rena, Ichikawa Taichi, Masato and others
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◆ Supported OS
Android: Android 5.0 or later (Memory 2 GB or more)
※ SIM free terminals are not supported.三極ジャスティス
1.player high damage
2.Turret does not attack
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