Game of Sultan

Name: Game of Sultan

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1. Guaranteed hit in Arena
2. 100% success rate when enchanting talent
3. If possible, control masquerade outcome

Additional Information:
1. In arena, there’s a chance to activate skill. If possible, make it somewhat 99% proc without giving the enemy the same advantage.
2. Enchanting higher star talent will have less success rate (star^-1, so 5star=20% success rate), can you make it always 100% regardless of star?
3. During masquerade, you can meet random people at random places. If possible make it so that you can pick who and where to visit, or at least increase chance of meeting women/consorts.

Hopefully you can get away with this mod
It doesn’t look much (not ∞ everything), but it seems possible and definitely useful
Also perhaps no root?

My Animal School Romance : Romance You Choose v1.0.0 [Mod]

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