Hi-Res Audio Recorder v0.10.75 [Pro] [Latest]

Hi-Quality audio recorder for Hi-Res Audio Recording. Voice recorder, or advanced field recorder (Field Recorder, 12-voice high-quality Voice Changer for cosplay, and call recorder).

High-Quality audio recorder:
– Hi-Res multi-part WAV (record longer than 4GB file size)
– MP3

There are no ads. MP3 is a paid feature. WAV recorder and OGG recorder are free (Hi-Res recording is also free).

100+ hours continuous recording tested. 34+ hours recording on single battery charge (Note 4).

WAV: Hi-Res Audio Recording

  • 16-bit/32-bit
  • 8kHz to 48kHz
  • and 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 172kHz, 192kHz for Marshmallow+ devices

WAV uses the full capabilities of Hi-Res Audio certified Android devices.

Advanced Features

  • Field Recorder (Volume/3-band Equalizer/Pitch)
  • Call Recorder (some auto features are paid)
  • Voice Changer for Cosplay (paid feature)

Improved version of Amazing MP3 Recorder

This app improves on the layout in our other app: Amazing MP3 Recorder, while retaining the same features. For a feature list, see the Description for Amazing MP3 Recorder:


Call Recorder
– some Moto G 2nd Gen (not Moto X)
– Samsung
– Nexus / Google Pixel (Help – Contact Us for help)
– Other call recorder app suggestions: Help – Call Recorder

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real-time 14-voice Voice Changer (paid)
– Dark Father (usable as Darth Vader voice changer)
– Rylo Ken (usable as Kylo Ren voice changer)
– Dane
– Exterminator
– Space Trooper
– Captain Phase
– Badman
– Optimal Prime
– Uldron
– P3CO
– Collum
– Smug
– Brog
– Venomous

Each voice is individually adjustable
Cosplay: plug in Earphones (or aux cable to ext speakers), then click Record. Keep volume low initially.

Controls for Record/Pause/Stop
– Gestures (Settings – Show Buttons)
– Full screen gestures: _https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stereomatch.gestures.recording
– Power button: 3 clicks (Record/Stop), 4 clicks (Record/Pause/Stop) – choose Settings – Record Controls
– Proximity sensor (Ear Detect): bring to ear / flip phone on table
– Volume (Up / Down / Down-long-press)
– Headset (click / double-click / long-press)
– Buttons
– Widgets
– ‘Notification Always On’ button (turn On)
– Launchers: InstantRecord, RecordStop
– speak ‘Ok Google open Instant Record’ to record

To avoid TalkBack sounds in recording: use Gestures, Ear Detect, Headset
Volume Buttons don’t work for TalkBack, but do for Shine Plus

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Heads-up (walking/jogging)
– Large Buttons (visible in sunlight)
– Vibration Feedback
– Sound Feedback (Settings – Vibration & Sound)
– Remove buttons (Settings – Show Buttons)

NOTE: to avoid vibration in recording, reduce Vibration Duration/increase Record Delay settings

– Flat/Daily Folders (default)
– custom Recordings/Cloud/Call folders
– move to Trash/Favorite/Cloud sub-folders (organize recordings)
– Recordings/Cloud/Call folder buttons!
– Synch folders to cloud (DropSync app)
– easy Play last recording
– Share (Skype, Email, WhatsApp)
– set Ringtone, Notification, Alarm sound (manage – Settings – File Management)

File Managers
– OI File Manager (built-in)
– Total Commander (best for TalkBack users)
– ES File Explorer
– X-plore File Manager
– ES File Explorer Pro

Battery savings
– Ear Detect: Dim Screen near Ear
– set Settings – Dim Screen on timeout

The side-buttons have been moved up to the top, for a more Material Design look. Folder buttons are at top-left and Settings at top-right. Some users prefer this version of the app. The Effects, Actions and Menu overlay (which appear on left and right side of screen – so Record buttons are still visible) behave as before i.e. they can be dismissed by pressing on blank area of that overlay, or by pressing Back button.

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What’s New
0.10.75: Fixed minor bugs.
0.10.73: Fixed Menu – Store/Donate screen crash.
0.10.72: Fixed major bug in Effects – Noise Gate/Voice Activity Detect
0.10.71: Added Effects – Voice Activity Detect
0.10.70: Compliant with Google’s Call/SMS restrictions (Jan 9, 2019)
0.10.59: Added ‘Floating Button Always On’.
0.10.55: Added Nokia 6 call recording

Make sure to change priority for these Oreo notifications to Low:
– Power Controls
– Floating Button during Call (new)
– Call Record (new)


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