My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game v2019.1 VIP MOD [2 VER]

I tried your updated V2 mod. It works fine so far, but at some points i’m getting “code:14 – Profile has been changed. The application will restart. UUID: 91a0f99f-55ea-3e12-9fb8-59d3c06690c6”. Especially, for example, when you try to expand your Jewel Box for the Rubies with diamonds, or if you try to donate diamonds at the treasury, or if you try to refresh the order lists and hiring Baristas list, and some more occasions. Any ideas for how to solve this, especially for this expanding Jewel Box for the Rubies? That’s the most important one atm, which i need. lol

My Animal School Romance : Romance You Choose v1.0.0 [Mod]

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