MU Origin 2

Name: MU Origin 2

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Additional Information:
The popular MMORPG saga MU Online is back with a second installment for smartphones that stays true to its predecessor’s identity: an online Asian multiplayer game with an excessive passion for leveling up during an unending power climb along with shiny epic armors and disproportionate weapons.

This sequel lets you choose between three types of characters from the get-go, each one includes its obvious advantages and disadvantages: the warrior, wizard or archer. As you level up, you can also unlock new unique and special skills for your characters such as new armor pieces, gems, and more powerful weapons.

The MMO Free to Play tendency is quite obvious, which almost turns the game in a micromanagement title because of the inventories that are up to par with an RPG. Also, the auto-attack system allows you to forget about the action component, except for dodging attacks when you’re facing the big bosses. In other words, the thing that you should worry about is completing all the daily tasks and exchange the coins you’ll earn for elements that you’ll need throughout the game.

MU Origin 2 is a true delight for MMORPG South Korean diehard fans. A clear example of a game that has blown China away and that’ll offer you hours and hours of fun if you’re a fan of this genre.

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