Opus 1 Music Player v1.82 [Paid] [Latest]

Are you tired of “Artist: Mozart“ and “Song: A little night music”? Are your frustrated by two thousand apps that all deal with pop music, pop music and nothing but pop music?

NOTE: On its first start the program reads any single audio file on the device to build up its internal database. This might take some time. In case a crash occurs during that startup phase, it is caused by corrupt audio files. However, every crash report will be processed and analysed.

Are you tired of “Artist: Mozart“ and “Song: A little night music”? Are your frustrated by two thousand apps that all deal with pop music, pop music and nothing but pop music?

In this case there is a solution. In fact there are two or, to be more precise, three, two of which have to be combined.

Solution No. : Get a “tagger” application to write the correct meta information to your music files (see below). Especially take care of the keys “composer” and “work” (sometimes named as “grouping”). While it’s clear what the composer is, the work might be for example “A little night music”, and the title should be “II: Andante” or similar. The performer in that case will not be Mozart himself, but e.g. the members of the string quartet having played the music on the CD.

Solution No. 2: Before blindly spending all your fortune of half a Euro for this application “Opus 1 Player“, just try its little no-cost sister “Unpopular Music Player” (look here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … playerfree). That app is free and does not even show advertisements. The latter results from the fact that I do not know how to do that.

What will you get with that “Unpopular Player”:
* Playlist View with grouping by work (opus) and movements (see screen shots). The Apple-proprietary tags for classical music, introduced with iTunes 12.5 and .6., are also supported.
* a minimalistic application without nice, but useless animations
* full Bluetooth car radio support (metadata display and play control)
* lock screen (background image and operation)

Solution No. 3: The “Opus 1 Player”“ is the named program’s big sister and additionally provides:

  • Album View with filtering by genre, composer and performer
  • Composer View with filtering by genre and performer
  • Performer View with filtering by composer and genre
  • Genre View with filtering by composer und performer
  • Works View (a symphony is not a “song”, but a work, consisting of “movements”) with filtering by genre, composer and performer. In case of pop music a work always consists of a single music file.
  • Named Play Lists can be created, deleted and restored
  • Folder View with icon decoration
  • Large colourful icons for Play, Pause, Stop
  • Send files to Classical Music Tagger
  • Supports database managed by Classical Music Scanner
  • Repeat functionality
  • Permanently visible progress bar during playback
  • Four selectable colour themes

All Views provide a textual search, and the filters can be individually activated and deactivated. Pictures for composers and performers, even for genres, can be provided simply as files with the respective file names.

„Tagger“ applications (selection):
* Kid3
* Classical Music Tagger (only Android)
* iTunes: not for Linux
* Mp3tag: not für Linux, and the macOS version is suboptimal

* for audio books evaluate “Author” as alternative to “Composer”

What’s New:

  • INFO dialogue added for works and albums.
  • Some tagger library improvements merged


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Opus 1 Music Player v1.82 [Paid] APK / Link / Link / Link

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