Fairy Hero (Japanese) v5.0.0 Mod Apk

Fairy Hero (Japanese)

Fairy Hero (Japanese) v5.0.0 Mod Apk
Start with the ultra-luxurious benefits get now! !

① ultra-profitable at the time of the start of play!
★ 5 confirm Gacha ticket + start-up set!

② profitable for beginners quest!
★ 5 confirm Gacha ticket + reinforced synthetic unit × 75 body!
+ Gold acquisition unit × 25 body!

③ 30 days when you pay in login!
Special rare Gacha ticket × 10 sheets!

“Furubokko Heroes X”
– Exhilarating shoot disturbance to the left to the right Furubokko RPG-
– Basic Free! Registration unnecessary and play right now –

[Furubokko of Bokkoboko the invaders in a simple operation! ]
Action flick to the left and right only easy operation
Exhilaration !! to destroy the sense of tension !! it that hordes surging

In addition, “tracing defeat bashed the enemy.”
Adversity the overturned in Bokkoboko in Furubokko Fever killer!

[Wide variety of skills in a variety of shot! ]
Rapid-fire shots and magic mechanic of the through-shot of knight!
Let Tsukaiwakeyo the unit in response to the enemies of the arrangement and the war situation such as the explosion shot of the Dragon!

More skill to overturn the war situation,
Shot change skills and recovery skills,
Such as ultra-powerful skills that call summoning God,
De unfolds in a fanfare!
To leverage a variety of skills, it will overturn the war situation!

[Hero summon a [Hero] our]
Colorful heroes of more than 1200 kinds,
Able to create the strongest team gathered hero composed of “tradition,” “myth”, “Story”!

Madou fantasy world “vision”
The world is referred to as “Cosmo Heroes”
There is “every legendary hero”, it had continued to flourish by the semi-divine forces.

However, the prosperity is gone also collapsed brittle in the “same force”.
Produce the destruction under the influence of overflowing in various places in the world “chaos (chaos),” “Chaos Heroes” is began to rise.

Versus chaos Heroes organization, “the order’s” is
Artificially to summon the hero, also struggled to counter the current situation, people have been waiting for a savior.

This has led to the vision, yet the general public
“You” is “a story to become a hero.”

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weaken the enemy

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