RELEASE THE SPYCE Secret Fragrance v1.1.0 (Mod Apk)

RELEASE THE SPYCE secret fragrance

RELEASE THE SPYCE secret fragrance v1.1.0 (Mod Apk) Original TV animation “RELEASE THE SPYCE” becomes the first application game!

◆ ◆ New download campaign ◆ ◆
SR “Guardians source Momo of Kurosaki”
Gacha can turn “Super spice × 4,000 pieces” gift!

◆ ◆ Introduction of “relief” ◆ ◆
The main story following the animation is written completely by Takahiro.
Apart from characters that have appeared so far, there are plenty of unique original game characters!

【Spy rush infiltration battle! 】
Character of “RELEASE THE SPYCE release the spice (abbreviation: Lilith)” becomes an SD character and it is a big success!
Let’s use the brilliant spy action and clear the mission!

【Story of Large Volume】
Besides the main story of Mr. Takahiro writing down,
A story of original animation and Novell work “RELEASE THE SPYCE GOLDEN GENESIS” also recorded at full voice!
Other original stories also fully supervised by Mr. Takahiro! You can enjoy it without knowing animation and Novell!

After a while, from the battle with the female bird.
White tiger and theresa are scheduled to be incorporated into the tree lizard
Snow was determined to cut farewell to peach.

But the incident will break out there.
It is a good opportunity to see the deeply weak fell down
Organizations of evil swapped the coalition and swept the back world.

For the union of evils who want to territorialize large cities and Sakazaki
Tsukkoge is a disturbing being. Be overwhelmed by the size of the enemy
Although it is astonishing, the association is united. Participate in information agencies of justice,
Decide to compete.

“Navi’s unit” which regards private information intelligence as dangerous as a national organization
Tsukiaga’s data “Life” sent to a woman who is a sentinel

As various factors intertwine, snow has been talking about this trouble before graduation
It will be the last mission and cast into battle with peaches.

◆ ◆ Original staff and writers cooperate as well ◆ ◆
Original: SORASAKI.F
Plan draft: Takahiro (Minato Soft)
Scenario: Takahiro Akaku Aoi other
Character draft: Nori Tame Flower Note
Character graphics: Lay-duce
Music: Sahigiri Hei (Hifumi, inc.)

◆ ◆ Cast ◆ ◆
Yukari Anzai / Ami Munakura / Aya Suzaki / Akane Fujita / Aya Uchida / Yuri Noguchi
Komatsu Hisako / Suzuki Aina / Risa Taneda / Haruka Kamura / Noriko Kuwashima
Sagara actor / Yuki Aki / Iwami Maika / Taketa Ayana / Nozawa Masako
Ito Shizu / Yamaguchi Mayumi / Hayami Saori / Sugita Tomokazu / Ushiyama Shigeru / Mogi Takamasa
Ryuuki Yuki / Yu Asakawa / Yoko Higaka / Rina Sato / Hikari Sonoyama / Aka Suwa
Kana Kobayashi / Yumi Midorikawa / Kaeda Yuasa / Takeshi Jizo Do other

◆◆ Official Twitter ◆◆
We are tweeting the latest information, management announcement.
Do not forget to follow and check the information on “relief”!

◆ ◆ For inquiries · opinions / requests here ◆ ◆

【Recommended environment】
Android 4.4 or higher
* Please understand beforehand that we can not respond to support and compensation etc when you use outside recommended environment.

(1) Support for models other than recommended models and recommended OS versions is not supported.
(2) Depending on the usage situation of the customer, the operation may be unstable even with the recommended model.

Developed by AltPlus Inc. / TriFort, Inc.RELEASE THE SPYCE sf『リリフレ』

1. One Hit
2. God Mode


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